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12% / 4 days
2 Scoin + 1 Energy
50$ - 300$
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16% / 6 days
6 Scoin + 1 Energy
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14% / 5 days
4 Scoin + 1 Energy
100$ - 500$
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HuntGem develops a referral system with many unique features


When you refer each new member successfully, both you and the new member will receive a reward from HuntGem


HuntGem builds a 3-level reward system with transparent commission for each level


We’ll answer your questions here
Do I need to make a deposit when joining? If I don't want to use it, is it possible for me to withdraw the deposit?
You can join the system completely free of charge. Only if you want to hunt for gemstones and craft for higher rarity gemstones, you will need Hcash swapped from USDT (BEP20). You can completely withdraw your deposit by withdrawing from Hcash back to USDT (BEP20). You can learn more about how to recharge from the support center page.
Does the system have a plan against bad people such as hackers, system saboteurs etc... ?
The system is developed by a team with expertise in the field of information technology, in addition to anti-hackers, viruses... HuntGem's host server is located in many large data centers, capable to handle a large number of participants.
What is Scoin?
SCoin - the in-game currency used to pay for astronauts to find gems (aka placing orders).
Conversion: 1 SCoin = 1 HCash
But with dealers, you can buy scoin with discounted price (To be a dealer, please read our tutorial below)
Why is my account suspended?
Players will be penalized if they violate the rules set forth by the publisher in the following terms:
- Buyer fails to pay within the specified time.
- Buyers create multiple accounts to place orders with the aim of devaluing the market.
What penalties will I face if my account is suspended?
Penalty form:
- The penalty fee will be based on the value of order-matching gemstones.
- The penalty fee will be transferred to the other party’s wallet as a compensation.
- First time penalty will be 100% of the original fee.
- Second time penalty will be x2 the first time.
- Third time penalty will be permanent account ban.

Notice: In the forthcoming month, we will complete our financial duties and thereafter will cease to be responsible for any future obligations or disputes. We appreciate your comprehension and the support you have provided us during this time. Stay well.